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Let it Go! Here comes kindergarten!

“Worry is a payment on a debt you might not owe.” That coupled with “Worry does not allow for God’s plan” are two of my favorite sayings. I tell myself these two things over and over when I start to feel that pit in my stomach. Yet here I am sending Kelsi to kindergarten with that same anxiety in my gut that does not want to go away. It’s a new town, a new school, new teachers, and new therapists. A new environment for my little girl who is accustomed to her to preschool setting from the last three years where she thrived in a blended program. I’ve been told she’s a model candidate for a child who should be in an inclusive setting- yet I worry. I worry she won’t keep up. I worry the other kids will pick on her. I worry she won’t be able to learn the lessons or pay attention long enough. I worry about her size- her pint sized stature compared to the other kids who tower over her. I worry I have spent five years believing this is the path she should take and I’m petrified to find out I’m wrong.   BUT, why would I be wrong? Kelsi has risen to the challenge throughout her life, over and over.   She had an amazing pre-school experience and there’s no real reason for me to doubt her,  or her ability to perform in this new kindergarten setting. So here I am again and it’s time for me to channel my inner coach and become her cheerleader.   To be the one in her corner, not only telling her she can do it, but confident in her abilities as she moves forward.  And as I hand her over to this new school and new team I must remember  that she is and always will be in God’s good hands.   So, to take a page from the movie hit of the year, and also Kelsi’s favorite movie- it’s time for me to Let it Go….


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