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An “Ah- ha moment” – made famous by Oprah, & now ever so popular.  I’m sure many of us have wondered, what does that even mean?  For years it’s boggled my mind.  Although I’m pretty sure I did actually get it, I couldn’t figure out the difference between “AH” Moments and “ah ha” moments- ….and then I did.  And the weird thing is that even after I’m not sure how to explain it.   This past weekend was the Gigi’s Playhouse annual 5k run – an amazing event.  Throughout the day I had many “ah” moments from finishing the race, to being brought on stage as the #2 fundraising team, to Nancy Giana discussing the “R” word and how hurtful it can be to others.   I thought a lot about how all of these kids are people first.  It is saddening that so many people can’t see past the initial diagnosis to realize the potential their son or daughter may have if they were given a chance to shine in this world.  The race was followed by lunch to celebrate with family and friends and then we took the kids to Santa’s Village – a kiddie amusement park.  It was one wonderful experience after another, and I was in utter elation from my awesome day.  Thinking the day could not possibly have gotten any better, I sat down in bed to find a message on Kelsi’s Corner from this courageous young woman….

  • “My name is Jenna and I was born with a rare life threatening disease I have 15 other medical conditions and developmental delays. I have been told I won’t live long, but I am still here. I have almost lost my fight twice, and I kept fighting and I am still here. I have had 33 operations and just got diagnosed last week with Epilepsy and complex partial seizures. I love to smile, have a positive attitude and never give up. I love my life, love to help and encourage others. I play baseball despite my rare bone disease, and never give up! I was told I would never be able to play sports, and here I am on the special o baseball team, going to Provincles this summer. My legs will one day give out, and I will no longer have use for them, so I might as well use them as much as I can, when I still can.  Your smile just shines, you are a brave warrior, smilen champ, courageous fighter, determined inspiration, and a real super hero. you are full of life, smiles, and spunk. I am praying for you, thinking of you, you are in my prayers, smiles, thoughts and in my heart. I send you lots of hugs, smiles, friendship.  You can check her out here…

Tears welled up and awe overcame me at her spirit. In that moment I felt so grateful and it hit me like a tidal wave.  What a life we lead, what a gift we’ve been given.  And to even be considered in the same realm as someone who has touched this girls life- that is my “ah ha moment.”  Because it doesn’t get any better than to be in a league with a young girl like that.  She refuses to let her spirit die despite the incredible challenges she’s facing.

I don’t actually feel worthy, but I do feel inspired to go share love and acceptance even further.  Because really this is it.  It’s up to us to create with each other our own “ah ha” moments. I believe these defining moments may only come once we all learn to love and accept each other.  As the Dalai Lama said “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

Ah – life is good…the sun is shining, Hawks Win!, my beer is cold…all amazing things in life. 

AH- HA –This is the next level.  Be kind, be positive, accept all people despite their differences.  Look past the Down syndrome, the different colored skin, the wheelchair and see them only as another human soul, and you will have your own AH-HA moment. 

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. —Ralph Waldo Emerson


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