Watching Kelsi Grow: From Behind My Lens and Beyond | Down Syndrome

My name is Tyler and I’ve known sweet Kelsi all of her life.  Her mom and I have been best friends since college.  I first had the pleasure of blogging about Kelsi’s Corner on my own photography blog and am so honored to now be posting directly to Kelsi’s Corner blog.   This post will be a little bit different than the previous ones on this blog as I am not one for words.   I see the world, people and relationships as a series of moments to freeze to remember.  Whether I am doing it in my mind or with my camera, it is something ingrained in me.

We recently returned from our annual best friends vacation in Seabrook, SC.  This vacation is very special to all of us.  It is a time we are free from the daily grind and are able to just focus on our group friendship that is a blessing to us all.  I of course capture moments each time with my camera.  As I was looking over the photos from this last trip, the ones of Kelsi especially stood out to me.  This little girl we were hesitant and afraid to get to know in the beginning for fear of losing her has blossomed into this completely beautiful little girl that we all love so much.  And here again I find myself at a loss for words where I feel photographs will tell a more accurate story.  Below are a series of “then and now” photos of Kelsi from over the years taken on our annual Seabrook vacations. This time the photographic story is told from Kelsi’s point of view…

As you can see, Kelsi is of course surrounded by tons of love.  I am so proud of all that she has accomplished in the first 3 years of life, the most significant being surviving heart surgery.   I would say her name describes her perfectly:

Kelsi \k(e)lsi, kelsi\ as a girl’s name is a variant of Kelsey (Old English), and the meaning of Kelsi is “victorious ship”.

I love you, Kelsi, and I look forward to freezing many more of your moments to be enjoyed and celebrated for years to come.  You truly are victorious.

And I do hope do hope the rest of you will stay tuned to see… if you don’t I guarantee you will be missing out! 😉


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3 thoughts on “Watching Kelsi Grow: From Behind My Lens and Beyond | Down Syndrome

  1. What a great story and post! Love the pictures and how much she has grown 🙂

  2. […] We are back from our annual family vacation with our best friends from Chicago.  Another great time was had by all!  Below is a gallery of some of my favorite images.  To navigate the slideshow click on the main image to open then “NEXT” in the top right corner of each image.  I hope you enjoy! For some “then and now” photos and to read more about sweet Kelsi, check out my post on Kelsi’s Corner! […]

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